Come Work With Us

Are you passionate about guest services and making a difference? Do you bring energy and enthusiasm to everything you do? On Verve’s core ethos is to be the ‘makers of someone’s day’ and we are always looking for incredible people to join our team of DayMakers.

Our fresh approach means we are trailblazing our own path in guest services, creating a place where you belong. Our solutions have been designed for both guests and employees, incorporating the latest workplace trends.

It takes a certain type of personality to be a DayMaker, so whether you have front of house experience or not, we want to hear from you.

Hear from the team

Bringing diversity of thought through our talented DayMakers

We don’t have a set profile for a DayMaker as we look for talent that suits the people we work with and we want our DayMakers to be themselves. But there are some attributes that we think are a great start that we always look for, but above all, a DayMaker must connect with our purpose.

10% of the population are neurodivergent in some way – neglecting different thinkers will prevent us from having the best team. On Verve focus on personality and the positives. When recruiting talent we realise, different thinking styles make us more open and more innovative. We actively encourage our team of DayMakers to show their flare.

Our DayMakers are qualified in rapport building, reading situations and giving an amazing service.

Our communication isn’t around traditional emails and therefore being inclusive in our approach means we understand individual comfort zones around social interactions. We recognise that our clients have different needs so do our DayMakers; we find out the what the individual is good at meaning you get best the best version of them and get the most out of their career with On Verve.

Read our blog to find out more about our unique approach to employee recognition. 

Making successful futures a reality

 Our approach to training is something that really makes us stand out; in fact, it’s the most people-centric and collaborative programme in the guest services industry.  

By now you won’t be surprised to know that again we didn’t want to replicate or fall into a comfort zone with the training our teams receive.  

It’s central to our culture that our training programmes ignite idea makers and growth. 

We use a learning platform that fuels teamwork by combining collaborative tools with effective features such as feedback loops, peer-based learning, and gamification.


Synergy is On-Verve’s flexible learning experience platform. It provides guest service professionals with a range of materials including bespoke content and a bite sized training programme so that our employees can digest and absorb it fully. 

Designed to create a learning community, it brings individuals together separated by location. We want guest service professionals to feel connected and supported by one another no matter their geographical location.  

Themed and scheduled over a 12-month period, the Synergy platform includes a motivational and wellbeing functionality. Users are encouraged to share and network, with new content added every month.  

A training platform to meet the demands of modern working, not only does it support professional development it focuses on personal aspirations as well.