Our unique approach to employee appreciation

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In the fast-paced world of guest services where moments of success can be missed, companies that prioritise employee recognition regularly stand out. Through a series of innovative initiatives, On Verve ensures that the hard work and dedication of its employees are not only acknowledged but celebrated in different ways.

DayMaker of the Month

On Verve’s “DayMaker of the Month” initiative allows any team member to nominate DayMakers who have made a positive impact or contributed significantly to On Verve’s success, whether they have simply been a great team member, or if they facilitated a big project with glowing feedback from the client.

All nominees are reviewed with our management team in the last week of the month, showcasing and celebrating all team praise and recognition on this platform. A collective vote then decides that month’s winner. Bianca or I will then personally visit the site to award the chosen individual with a certificate and a shopping gift voucher, making the recognition a special and memorable experience.

Seasonal appreciation

On Verve doesn’t limit its employee appreciation efforts to monthly celebrations. We send out handwritten Christmas cards with small gifts during the festive season as a token of our appreciation to our DayMakers who work extremely hard across the year, especially in the lead-up to the festive period.

On the first working day of January, we send a company-wide email to express our gratitude to each team member, outlining their crucial role in the company’s success. This thoughtful approach at the start of the year sets a positive tone for the months ahead and reminds our team that all of them play a crucial role at On Verve.

DreamMaker awards and industry recognition

We take the concept of employee appreciation to a bigger and better level with our yearly DreamMaker Awards, an in-person ceremony acknowledging outstanding contributions and achievements in the business. Managers are encouraged to put forward their team members for the awards and recognise their outstanding progress at work and in their personal development. We are looking forward to this year’s awards, marking our third birthday in May.

We also actively participate in industry awards to celebrate our team, such as the coveted Corporate Receptionist of the Year (CROTY). Last year, On Verve’s Fara Painter was a Highly Commended Finalist at the CROTY awards which cemented her brilliant work and development at the business, and we are extremely proud of her.

Sharing client praise 

We understand that success is often a result of collective efforts in the team. When we receive positive feedback from our clients about a particular person or team, we can’t help but share these fantastic testimonials with the rest of the On Verve team! This not only boosts morale but also reinforces the impact of each team member’s role in the company’s success. This also supports the wider team getting to know all DayMakers whom they may not have met due to geographical reasons and continues our approach of celebrating the wins and the impact of making someone’s day.

People-centric approach

On Verve focuses on its team members’ personal and professional growth within the business and beyond. We recognise the potential of our DayMaker team and emphasise the possibilities for them in the industry. By highlighting praise instead of only addressing issues, we can create a positive and authentic culture where every team member feels valued.

We actively encourage our team members to have a voice and take control of their careers. Our commitment to mentorship and personalised development demonstrates our dedication to creating a workplace where everyone can thrive.

On Verve’s approach to celebrating its team members goes beyond the ordinary, showcasing a commitment to building a positive and authentic workplace culture that we are proud of.