How On Verve creates an inclusive workplace

On Verve is a business that continually aims to break the norms of the guest services industry, whether that’s through how we approach hiring, client communications, or the DayMaker role. However, throughout all of this, we have always aimed for and continue to work towards being an inclusive employer and workplace. It has required listening, actioning the appropriate changes, and actively changing our own thought processes to see things from another perspective.

We are a diverse team by nature, so creating inclusive and welcoming environments comes naturally to us. We encourage the team to listen and learn from each other’s experiences and points of view to help create an inclusive environment. By having a team from a variety of backgrounds we are exposed to new ideas and perspectives that we wouldn’t have had access to before.

Age is out the window

We have hired DayMakers across different generations which has helped us to develop how we operate. For example, Ingrid joined On Verve in 2021 aged 57 with no computer skills or relevant background, but she had the passion and enthusiasm that we look for in our team, and we knew she’d be a great DayMaker.

Since joining, she has received full training and is now proficient on a computer, as well as aiding On Verve’s development and helping new DayMakers settle in when they join the team. By creating an inclusive environment, Ingrid has been able to flourish and impact our clients and her colleagues with her positivity and willingness to help others.

Inclusive training

The introduction of our training platform, Synergy, has seen a great response from the team. Instead of doing training in a classroom for an 8-hour day, we split the training into short videos. This allows teams to digest training in a more accessible way. As a company that champions neurodiversity and inclusion, we knew that a long training day wouldn’t be an effective learning technique for everyone. Synergy has also created cost savings for our clients as the videos can be integrated as part of a DayMakers workday.

Ditch the uniform policy

Another way On Verve has demonstrated inclusivity and learning from the experiences of others is through our uniform policy. Our clothing options had been separated by gender, which needed rethinking when we hired our first non-binary DayMaker. When this person joined the team, they requested whether they could wear all styles of clothing as they felt this best suited how they identified. We now combine all our clothing options for new team members to choose from to ensure items are gender-neutral and accessible to all.

Inclusivity can only be achieved if business leaders listen to their teams and understand their needs and desires. A workplace where team members can be themselves and express their personality is a productive one.

We are always listening and learning about how we can be an inclusive employer, and we would not have this environment of openness and acceptance without the excellent DayMaker team.