The Workplace Design Show recap

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Chief DayMaker Bianca Angelico recently attended the Workplace Design Show, a new addition to the UK events calendar that explores the latest trends and innovations in workplace design.

There were numerous eye-catching installations as well as a full programme of thought leadership with panellists from leading businesses including Sage, Trainline, Lloyds, Avison Young, Landsec, CBRE, JLL, tp Bennet and Jason Bruges studio.

It was an insightful event with plenty to for us consider. Bianca has recapped the themes that stood out to her from the day.

  1. Employee experience: prioritising wellbeing and productivity

There was a strong emphasis on prioritising employee experience to transform workplaces into desired destinations. Rituals such as disconnecting from technology before meetings were highlighted as ways to enhance productivity. Mindfulness, wellbeing, and the importance of clear meeting protocols were all highlighted as methods of contributing to the overarching goal of ensuring that employees leave the workplace healthier than when they arrived.

This was all hugely relevant for On Verve as we’re here to make someone’s day!

  1. Making the workplace a destination: authentic experiences and human-centric design

There has been a 47% increase in hiring heads of workplace experience which reflects the growing recognition of the significance of workplace environments. Employees want authentic experiences, and these must be aligned with a company’s DNA, sustainability goals, and diversity initiatives. Topics such as microlearning, digital integration, and human-centric design were also discussed, areas which On Verve has been pioneering for the past three years.

  1. Creating the best solution for clients: data-driven approaches and adaptability

Data is a huge topic in FM, and workplace design is no different. Data-driven approaches that utilise metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS) and pulse surveys for real-time feedback were both mentioned as sources to consider. Speakers also stressed the need to understand team dynamics and adapt solutions to evolving needs. The need to create new positive memories linked to the workplace, rather than attempting to replicate the comforts of home, was also a suggestion that resonated with the audience. The workplace will never be the same as the home, but that doesn’t mean it can’t provide a meaningful and happy experience.

  1. Culture and people: fostering collaboration and innovation

Shifting from “me” to “we” is a mindset change that can help foster collaboration and innovation, as is the creation of spaces that accommodate both primary tasks and innovation. Above all, we have to remember that the workplace landscape is constantly evolving, so our solutions must adapt as well.

Darren Graver from Trainline stood out as my favourite speaker of the day due to his balanced approach that combined data-driven insights with innovative ideas.

Learning from industry best practice

We attend events and conferences throughout the year to ensure that we are staying up to date with the latest trends and can continue to deliver innovative, creative ideas for our clients – and amazing experiences for their employees.

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