What does it mean to be a disruptor? Three ways On Verve disrupts the guest services industry

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We were thrilled to win Disruptor of the Year at the Best Business Awards, but what does it mean to be a ‘disruptor’?

Disruption can take many forms, including services to change the dynamics of a sector, challenging conventions, and creating new approaches towards work. This is exactly what our DayMaker service has sought to do: reimagining and reshaping how guest services function for the modern, hybrid workplaces that have grown in recent years.

Here are three ways we embraced innovative methods to disrupt industry norms.

  1. Enthusiastic transformations

Now that hybrid and at-home working is more popular than ever, with more than 80 per cent of workers preferring hybrid working models, enhanced services for employees and guests are needed to entice them back to physical spaces.

This is what On Verve and our DayMakers specialise in, through bringing constant enthusiasm and joy to our roles. We provide all expected resources, like event management and meeting room management, reception services and switchboard monitoring, but we incorporate unique ways to brighten days.

Our enthusiasm translates into round-the-clock transformative care for employee and guest experiences, ensuring that any expected, and unexpected, needs are met. In-person offices need to be both welcoming and exciting, and our DayMakers know exactly how to meet these demands.

When we take on a hands-on approach, we have clients follow suit. By offering group craft activities and collaborative events, colleagues can bond as they each contribute to a larger project. This has included co-workers making paper poppies for a custom-made garden on Remembrance Day, thrones for the Coronation, or fun challenges including ‘talk like a pirate day’. Beyond these smaller activities, we also host larger events like our International Women’s Day networking with Next Ventures.

From the big to the small events, we work hard to make every day just that bit brighter.

  1. Embrace inclusivity

Embracing inclusivity is a major way to combat norms, which we did by transforming our uniform policy. DayMakers had a selection of clothing styles in our signature colours, which allowed unification along with personality. But these had originally been separated by gender, until a non-binary team member was hired and highlighted that there was not a gender-less option. We decided to combine all clothing options to meet everyone’s needs. This way, accessible clothing options were open to all.

Another way we have embraced the new is by making our services neurodiverse-friendly, which takes us to our next disrupting method.

  1. Integrate technology

The traditional model for workplace training involved full days in the classroom. However, this method can be tiring for neurodivergent individuals and could make the training both uncomfortable and inefficient. Instead, we used our innovative training platform Synergy, which showcased the same training but in a short video format.

This way, trainees could digest information in smaller chunks suited to their individual paces. The success of this service highlights how championing neurodiverse inclusivity does not need to be difficult or a strain on the business. It is about changing the way we deliver to suit all needs and therefore creating the best workplace conditions for employees to learn and thrive.

Disruption requires respect and an open ear towards our staff and clients, so we can understand their requirements and expectations, and go above and beyond them every day to meet the needs of these new working environments.