National Customer Service Week: what we learned

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We recently celebrated National Customer Service Week, a week every year where front-of-house staff are recognised for the work they do and the impact it has on successful business practices and growth in the UK economy.

At On Verve, we always celebrate our incredible DayMaker teams, but this week is extra special to us. Since each day has its own theme, we have explored what they mean for On Verve and how each theme impacts our service provision.

Monday: The future of AI

We always strive to operate with a human touch. Our understanding and rapport with our clients cannot be replaced with a machine, but there are ways technology and AI can be integrated into our practices.

From a neurodiversity perspective, AI tools such as ChatGPT are a great way to help with writing tasks. As part of the DayMaker role, we create a lot of written content for our clients and for ourselves. For those of us who have neurodiverse conditions, these tasks can be more challenging.

I have encouraged my colleagues to use the AI tool to help with idea generation and writing tasks to kick-start the process if they feel stuck. As AI continues to improve, I believe its efficiencies will make it a fantastic tool for our team.

Tuesday: Service with Respect Day

The Service with Respect initiative is all about highlighting the difficulties that customer-facing workers must contend with. Research has shown that more than half of customer-facing staff have experienced abuse at work since the beginning of the pandemic. This is shocking and should be addressed nationally.

DayMakers occasionally deal with building users who are frustrated about a certain element of the facilities. We train DayMakers to always acknowledge the person’s emotions but to remain rational and deliver the facts of the situation. DayMakers can escalate the issues to their managers if they feel it is necessary and are reminded that it is okay to step away from any situation where they feel things have gone beyond their capabilities or to let things diffuse.

Wednesday: Customer Service as a Profession

It has been great to see the increased recognition of the industry and the opportunities within it in recent years. Our new operations director, Gabrielle Lapompe, started her career in guest services as a receptionist before working up to account management, space management operations and now as head of operations for the business.

Similarly, Lauren Bibby delivers operational support at On Verve. Before joining the team, her background had been purely hospitality-based. She was quickly promoted to an operational support role as her knowledge and understanding made her the best fit. Now, Lauren is a key figure in the On Verve team and helps oversee various accounts.

By investing in your team and promoting them according to their strengths, you can create great paths for progression and build an efficient team simultaneously.

Thursday: Driving Sustainable Growth

Guest service providers can and should be utilised more by businesses to help push ESG efforts. Once we understand these goals, we can align our practices to further support them.

One aspect of the corporate office that is typically overlooked is lost property. We have started removing unclaimed lost property items to be donated to charity – with client consent, of course! We choose donation centres that are within walking distance of our client sites, meaning the process doesn’t involve further emissions. This way, the unclaimed items have a second life, money is raised for charity, and we can further support the sustainable goals of the client.

Friday: Service Recognition Day

We’re all about service recognition and empowering DayMakers. We have ‘DayMaker of the Month’ where account managers nominate a DayMaker for their great work, and the winner is celebrated with a commemorative certificate and online recognition from our social media channels.

One of our recent DayMakers of the Month was Nataly. Her account manager Milja said: “Nataly has gone above and beyond to support another contract, creating new procedures and processes, and has impressed both clients and customers on a daily basis.”

Now that National Customer Service Week is over for another year, we will continue working towards all these themes and continually finding new ways to improve and innovate our service offerings. We’re already looking forward to next year!

To find out more about our DayMakers and their role, read about the services we offer our clients.