The power of a front-of-house team

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The expectations that employees and visitors have of front-of-house teams have changed significantly over the last few years. Since enforced working from home ended, employees have been encouraged to return to the workplace by their employers and the Government alike. Ensuring the workplace is a welcoming and inclusive space that people feel happy entering is key, which is why guest services have been thrown into the limelight.

The front-of-house teams that businesses bring in to look after their staff have a huge impact on an employee’s experience in the office. Having disengaged staff on your front desk will not present the workplace as a productive and positive place to be. It doesn’t matter how many fun office perks you might have, or cool comfy chairs – if your front-of-house team is not delivering the required support, employees will be put off coming in. Creating an inspiring and encouraging environment is the first step towards success.

The days of the tired and grumpy receptionist that is chained to the front desk are over. Your front-of-house team are usually the first people employees and visitors will see and/or interact with when they arrive at the office. That is a key turning point for how someone’s day could go. Having a friendly and happy welcome for your team as they start their workday will help create a positive atmosphere at the office.

Creating this environment is everything that On Verve strives for. Hiring outside of the traditional talent pool has helped us to create some great, well-rounded teams. To access this untapped branch of the workforce, our recruitment process focuses on who the candidates are as people, not just their CV experience. Enthusiasm, willingness to learn, and a strong sense of self; all these core values can be identified in strong candidates who have the tenacity to apply for a role they might not be “traditionally” equipped for.

The roles of front-of-house teams have extended beyond the reception desk. The new teams are not only at the front entrance – they roam the workplace to assist employees and guests with a variety of issues and needs that can appear throughout the working day. They help to organise and engage employees in time-out events and networking opportunities to ensure their well-being is supported. They help those employees who do need extra support in their day-to-day work life and ensure the right provisions are in place, giving them the best workplace experience. They engage with company stakeholders to ensure front-of-house teams are echoing the business’ messaging, and offering consultancy on where it could be developed further.

It’s an enhanced service that involves teams truly embedding themselves within client teams, and always looking for ways to add value. Hence the job title “DayMaker”. We want to make our client’s day, whatever way that takes shape for them.